Tipperlinn Road

Conversion of and extension to a large Victorian House, for a Private Client.

The Brief: Our remit was to redesign the kitchen & family areas to open up the house to the light and the garden and to provide an enlarged, more ergonomic kitchen layout oriented towards the view and to incorporate family dining. The clients also required storage for their extensive wine collection. Of importance was the idea that the new works, although contemporary in nature and design, should maintain a sense of and blend with the traditional house.

The Design: The basement offered the best potential in terms of being able to transform it and incorporate it into the house as a whole. It was ripe for conversion to become the wine cellar.
The design evolved thereafter into wine storage and tasting room with dumb waiter from the new kitchen above for informal tasting sessions. Part of the rear stone wall was removed and a glass enclosure with herb border added to extend the kitchen; floor to ceiling glass takes full advantage of the southwest sunlight and views over the garden; the kitchen was enlarged and reoriented towards this view. The island layout allows for cooking to take place uninterrupted by circulation through and to all the other activites happening in this new hub of family life.