Plots at Barfad

Barfad comprises mature native woodland, undulating meadows and a pristine coastline bound together creating a place of exceptional beauty within two hours drive from Glasgow.  RMc have acquired Planning Permission for 5 large houses that sit discretely within the land. Houses can be built to the plans as proposed though the aim is for each house to become tailored to individual client’s requirements. The houses incorporate a blend of traditional and modern materials to reflect the natural environment.

Minimising environmental impact is a requirement of the Planning Permission and the designs combine current philosophies of active and passive renewable energy. Clients can select from a range of compliant technologies.

The surrounding land will be held in a trust that will oversee it’s management with unobstructed access through the woodland down to the shore.

Individual plots can be purchased, and bespoke house designs carried out and priced to accord with the Planning requirements.

To discuss further please call Roxburgh McEwan Architects on 0131 229 3766

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