Fishnish, Isle of Mull

The Brief: A new build family house located in Mull on a rise at the south of the site to take advantage of the wonderful sea views to the Sound of Mull.

The Design: The house is orientated on an east/west axis to provide the long sides with sea views and south/west sun. The house divides the site between natural open field to the north and sheltered, sunlit, more cultivated garden to the south and west. The building is a long narrow form with a constant ridge line, while the wall height varies from one storey to one and a half storeys responding to the existing slopes and site levels. The garage, which is incorporated into the western end of the house is screened by the existing cluster of trees.

Both the form and materials of the house are traditional in nature. We specified a wet dash render with a slate type roof finish and timber windows. Simple punched openings in the rendered wall provide framed views to the north and to the road. While a larger glazed wall to the south provides solar gain and a connection to the garden.